·         Residential or Commercial

·         Block Foundations, Walls, FEMA          Enclosures, Elevator & Stairwell Shifts

·         Brick Installations

·         Thin Brick

·         Tuckpointing Restoration

·         Natural & Composite Stone

·         Window and Door Installs

·         Decks

Corrado Construction is completely equipped and has the workforce to complete projects large and small in a timely manner. We work professionally with the General Contractor and all other subcontractors to provide a good work environment and complete the project on schedule. 

We perform all types of masonry installations that include block, brick and stone. Our block masonry installations include walls, foundations, elevator shafts and elevators, dumpster enclosures, FEMA enclosures, storm shelters, split face or smooth block, colored and standard block. We provide all types of brick masonry installations which include standard modular brick, all sizes of brick and coursing, thin brick systems, precast concrete panels, sills and caps, tuckpointing and masonry restorations. We also provide stone masonry installations which include cultured or natural stone and wall tile installations.

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